1. Hey all,

    We have bad new and good news.

    Bad news: Our meeting is canceled tonight.


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  2. Hey Everybody!
    We are finally having our first meeting of the year! We will be in room 230 in the Communications building this Wednesday at 7 pm! Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring your friend’s dog (please don’t actually bring any dogs we will get in trouble for that).

    But seriously, come and bring people. There will be cookies.

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  3. Anonymous said: Is there a meeting scheduled yet?

    Hi there!

    We are starting back up starting NEXT Wednesday at 7pm in room 230 of the communications building! Hope to see you there! 


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  4. Happy first week of classes everyone!!! Hope everything has gone well even as the summer has, sadly, ended. Sigh.

    We’re still figuring out some scheduling stuff for our meetings this semester, so please stay posted! More news (and meeting times) will be coming soon!

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Design Crush


    Design Crush

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    love yourself so we have something in common

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  9. When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.
    – Malcolm X (via thelittlephilosopher)

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  10. Meeting tonight is a movie field trip!


    TWLOHA Field Trip Today!!!
    We will not be meeting in our usual spot tonight, as instead we are going to Cline Library to watch two films on body image: Miss Representation and Shredded.  This event starts at 6:30, which is a half hour before our regular meeting time, but we hope that you can make it!

    EDIT: We will be meeting at 6 in front of Cline Library so that we can all sit next to each other. :) see you there!

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